Abigail Merickel

Abby artist photo

As a printmaker, I experiment with monotype, collagraph, relief, intaglio and lithography.  Process and experimentation galvanize me; each design is either carved in a block, painted on plexi-glass, etched on a metal plate, drawn on a lithographic stone or constructed out of recycled materials. My creative process relies on the intuitive, enlightened by my senses, surroundings and experiences. 

A sense of adventure spurs my exploration into divergent themes—from identity and place to the mystical, earthiness to the divine.  The allure of colorful birds, the vigor of animals, the radiant power of ascendant women and the generative reverie of the Earth inspire my creativity. Vivid in color and rich in narrative, my artwork conveys wonder at our magical world. 

My adventures and the stimuli of travel, music, foreign cultures and the natural world inform my life’s work as an artist. Working from memory and emotion, I capture my yearning, full of nostalgia, bemusement and not least of all, joy.  My work is exhibited nationally and internationally.  www.abigailmerickel.com

zmap to rogue river ranch

zmagical pool Mule Creek