Second Friday Poetry Sharing
June 14th, 2019   7PM to 9PM
Grants Pass Museum of Art
event upstairs 229 SW 'G' Street

Free to the public-donations welcome
Read your poetry and/or listen to others
Mark your calendar for every second Friday of the month
For more information please call 541-478-3290

The optional theme for June: Dusting Off Old Poems

"Our lives feel like these epochs, but really we are dust in the wind."
~Justin Vernon

"When I asked my mother why crowds shouted my name and said, 'We love you,'
she would dust it off by saying, 'Your work makes them happy.' She never let it go
to my head." ~Shirley Temple

"Raised in a house filled with old books, I'm drawn to them: the dust jackets that
call out a historical moment, the marbled boards, the words pressed into the
page with movable type." ~Jacob Weisberg

"Most people have already seen a cosmic collision. If you've seen a shooting
star ever, you've seen a cosmic collision, because a shooting star is not a
star. It's a tiny dust or pea sized fragment of an asteroid or a comet hitting
our atmosphere and burning up as it hits in, as it comes in."
~Heidi Hammed

"Less than the dust beneath the chariot wheel, less than the weed that grows
beside the door." ~ Adela Florence Nicolsan

"My favorite Bob Dylan record is the first on where he sings one Bob Dylan
song and the rest of them are his interpretations of the Dust bow-era folks
songs, or going back as far as the mass influx of people coming into the
U.S. during the gold rush. His interpretations of the songs are incredible."
~Chris Cornwell

"Tonight I'll dust myself off, tonight I'll suck my gut in, I'll face the night and
pretend I got something to believe in." ~Jon Bon Jovi

June poetry image

Poetry Sharing is divided into two sessions. Folks can read up to two
poems a session about 4-5 minutes. Participates provide snacks for
the break if they are so inclined. Looking forward to seeing you on
the 14th. Thanks, Cal