Second Friday Poetry Sharing
September 13th, 2019   7PM to 9PM
Grants Pass Museum of Art
event upstairs 229 SW 'G' Street

Free to the public-donations welcome
Read your poetry and/or listen to others
Mark your calendar for every second Friday of the month
For more information please call 541-479-3290

 The optional theme for August:  Restaurants

"I judge the restaurant by the bread and the coffee."     ~Burt Landcaster

"I've always had a dream of owning a restaurant."        ~Amy Wasbach

"Together we can help make sure that every family that walks into a restaurant
can make an easy, healthy choice.'                                ~Michelle Obama

"I've talked to Bill Clinton-he's the ultimate rock star; no one's more charming
than him. People clap in a restaurant when he finishes dinner! I don't get that
treatment. I get it on stage, but not when I'm having dinner."    ~Jay-Z

"I knelt at the altar of Ray Charles for years. I worked at a restaurant and
that's all there was on the jukebox."                                 ~Tom Waits

"Wearing a baseball cap or sleeveless shirt in a white-tablecloth restaurant
is rude and makes other diners upset, just like someone on a cell phone."
                                                                                        ~Danny Meyer"

"What's my favorite thing about Seattle? It's Ho Ho Restaurant."
                                                                                        ~Marshawn Lynch

"You cannot come to a Nigerian restaurant without having pepper soup."
                                                                                         ~Ben Okri

"My first memory in life is grilling my thumb to the griddle in our restaurant
on Cape Cod."                                                                    ~Rachael Ray

"Food trucks give creative entrepreneurs the ability to cook with freedom
and make what they love, meaning that they can create highly specialized
meals without having the high overhead costs of running a restaurant."
                                                                                           ~Homaro Canta

"When you first entered the restaurant I thought you were handsome...and
then of course, you spoke."                                               ~Helen Hunt

"In college I had a weekend gig a restaurant, a solo thing that was the
best practice I could have ever had. That's where I learned to coordinate
my singing and my piano playing."                                   ~Norah Jones

"I always say the best Thai restaurant in Dubai is my home."
                                                                               ~Thaksin Shinatwatra 
Poetry Sharing is divided into two sessions. People can read up to two poems
a session (4-5 minutes) in one or both sessions. After the first session will time
to talk about a related event. Thanks to those who bring snack items.   Cal