Adult Workshops

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Saturday, June 29
Kristen O’Neill
Traditional Painting Techniques
1 – 4 pm

06 29 Traditional Painting
This class we will explore traditional painting techniques. We will start our paintings with an underpainting, then learn how to block in your painting, and add texture. Then we can glazing, scumbling, and sgraffito. These will be taught in acrylic. Students will leave with a painting that uses all these techniques. We will be using a Renaissance palette of colors. All levels are welcome! All supplies included.

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Saturday, July 6
Basics of Watercolor
with Terri Regotti
1 – 4 pm

07 06 Watercolor
The transparent quality and the illusion of light created by the artist with watercolors makes it a seductive and popular medium to work with. There are very specific techniques that one must learn and practice to become proficient with them. Through exploring watercolor exercises this class will introduce the student to the various techniques and possibilities of this versatile and beloved medium. At a later date, this workshop will have a follow up class in which students will paint a landscape of their choosing. Come and explore the delicate dance between paper, water and pigment.

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Wednesday July 17
Lipbone Redding (Pranavam Das)


Pranavam Das (Lawrence “Lipbone" Redding) a devotee of Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati (Advaita Vedanta) and student of Dr. V. Balaji (Benares University), has performed at ashrams and devotional centers around the world. Venues include Kripalu Yoga Center, The Omega Institute, Sivananda Yoga Centers, Arsha Vidya Gurukulum and others. A full time professional touring musician and storyteller for the past 20 years, he often leads kirtans, Sonic and Pranic meditations as a form of spiritual devotion.
Expect an evening of chanting, breathing, meditation, Bhajan (devotional sing-along), the explanation of sanskrit mantras and stories from Hindu Mythology accompanied by music.
Bring a mat and/or pillows if you would like to sit on the floor.