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gallery of the art in this exhibit/fundraising event.
The auction will open for bidding February 1.
All art is available for viewing in the museum now.
Bidding Feb 1 at the Museum through Feb 19, Tues- Sat 10-5
231 unique and beautiful 6"x 6" works of original art.

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27 fun and creative memes of famous paintings.

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Welcome to Grants Pass Museum of Art

the city's primary resource for exhibitions and collections of fine art since 1979. Located in the heart of the historic old town, our galleries offer opportunities for learning, introspection and connection with cultures from around the world. Please browse our site, and when in town, come visit the museum.

Enriching Lives Through Art

Participation and education in the arts create a balance in our community that promotes individuality, camaraderie and a consciousness of our surroundings. The museum's mission is to enrich lives by offering art experiences to people of all walks of life that stimulate the senses, intrigue the intellect, and bring joy to the spirit.  As a non-profit organization, our members, friends, volunteers and generous donors make all exhibits and programs doable. We thank you for making our work possible.

All exhibitions at this Museum are open to the public with no admission charge. Grants Pass Museum of Art believes that the art and educational aspects of the exhibits should be enjoyed by all.