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Paintings by VINCE CARL
April 1 through May 15

In the course of experiencing a place I am left with, images, feelings, and sensory input, these are the impressions that I reflect on when creating this work. The paintings are a composite of those ingredients used to develop a feeling rather than a literal representation of the place itself.

This exhibit reflects my experience using a combination of past, present, or future states. Through the work I reference impact consumerism has on ecosystems, nature, and the planet. I attempt to illuminate possible consequences that may occur from actions, habits, and policies? I sometimes depict the same scene before and as a consequence of accepted practices.

One painting leads to the next. While exploring my next response I reflect on previous results, sometimes they work as expected other times they become underpainting and are obscured. Time well spent regardless.

For me, the excitement is in discovering the unexpected occurrence and building on it.

Exhibit Images

2020 Reset2020 Reset


Contracting EnvironsContracting Environs

Denial's Fragile BubbleDenial's Fragile Bubble

Elusive MemoryElusive Memory

Excitation ObservedExcitation Observed


Green Haze and YamGreen Haze and Yam

Hide n’ SeekHide n’ Seek

Motivation RevealedMotivation Revealed

Pursuit of HappinessPursuit of HappinessSheltered CenoteSheltered Cenote

Those Crazy WallsThose Crazy Walls

Urban MoonUrban Moon

Voices UnheardVoices Unheard

Wound for ReboundWound for Rebound

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